We introduce ourselves as the pioneers in the field of Used oil Re-refining Industry in Tamil Nadu, with an installed capacity of 4140 MT per year and we handle about, 2 million litres of Used & Waste oil per year. We procure the discarded Used oil generated from various Manufacturing Industries, Power plants, Automobile Service stations and also from various industrial establishments in Tamil Nadu. We re-refine the Used oil to produce Lube Base oil, which can be utilized again for numerous Industrial & Commercial applications.

We were the first and foremost company in Tamil Nadu to obtain the Approval for our Used oil re-refinery from the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India and also from the Tamil Nadu Pollution control Board, Government of Tamil Nadu. These approvals are Mandatory for an Used oil re-refinery. We are upgrading and expanding our industry consistently for the past 30 years right from its establishment under the effective management of our managing partner Mr. R. Ramasamy. At present we had upgraded and our factory by installing state of the art Semi-Automatic American machinery, which will the first of its kind in India. In order to develop ourselves in the field of Used oil rerefining, We had travelled a lot to various countries such as United States of America, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Germany and China, to study about our Industry and the technologies.

Promoters’ Profile:

Our Managing partner, Mr. R. Ramasamy is a Chemistry Graduate and has a vast experience in Re-refining the Used Lube oils. He is legend in his field with an experience of over 30 years. Our company is growing in rapid pace under his leadership and he holds the full credit of creating and establishing this company. He is an excellent administrator and a Visionary, who can fore see the things and execute them ahead of the competition.

Mrs. R. Thangeswari (Late), wife of Mr. R. Ramasamy, had left her job and joined the company to assist her husband`s business by all means from behind. She is good motivator, keeps encouraging us at the difficult times, and the driving force of our company.

The third partner Mr. V. Ra. Sridhara, First son of Mr. R. Ramasamy, is basically a Mechanical Engineer and a post graduate in Business Administration. He is looking after the operations, Finance and marketing areas.

The fourth partner Mr. R. Ganesh Kumar, second son of Mr. R. Ramasamy, holds a Diploma, Graduation, and post graduation in Petrochemicals & Refinery Engineering. To make it simple, a expert in the latest oil refining technologies followed around the globe and trained at some of the leading petrochemical companies.