Our Services


Reprocessing of Used oil under Job work basis

We take up Used & spent Lube oils for reprocessing from our Clients under job work basis, where we return back the Recovered Lubricant to our customers for reuse. Various types of Spent Hydraulic & Transformer oils can be treated this way, resulting in a huge revenue savings for our clients.

Used / Waste Oils

We are approved by both Central Pollution control board and Tamilnadu Pollution control board for Reprocessing of Used /Waste oils. So, we take up any Quantity of Hazardous wastes – Used/Waste oils for Safe disposal as per Pollution control board Norms. More over we assist our Clients in their documentation and related procedures involved in the Disposal of Hazardous wastes.



Turnkey Plants for Re-refining of Used / Waste oils

We offer Turnkey Plants for Recycling and re-refining Used Lubricating oils, in various capacities suiting the needs of our clients. We have a unique set of technology, which can produce a Colourless, Odourless Re-refined Lube product equivalent to the Virgin base oil.
The plant we offer to our clients have the following advantages:
  • Our plant does not generate any Hazardous Wastes such as Spent clay. Hence no disposal expenses
  • Our plant re-refines the used oil in 3 different stages, namely Dehydration, Lube Extraction and Final Finishing, and all the three phases can be operated simultaneously and continuously.
  • The By-products generated are Light fuel Fractions and Asphalt extender. Both have many utilities and have good commercial values and an addition to our revenue generated.
  • Our process technology is a continuous operating plant based on internationally proven best practices among the global Used oil re-refining Industry.